“We don’t just TAKE photographs, we MAKE memories, for you and your family that will be treasured for many generations to come”  –  Claire


Taken in a relaxed home environment or a location of your choice, Claire creates pictures in the beautiful county of Durham and North Yorkshire personally for you that Claire uses all-year-round for her photoshoots.  A favourite time is during the Spring when the lambs are born, and the yellow daffodils dance in the sunlight.

Later in the year, we are gifted with the stunning seasonal colours of Autumn and the crisp winter sunshine.

Available for your session at no extra charge, is ‘Picture Boutique’ stylised children’s clothing among many others.  If you fall in love with any of our bespoke items of clothing or products,  they can be made available for purchase and for you to take home with you.

If you have any questions or would like more information on these beautiful location shoots, then please do not hesitate to call Claire on 07709 500 704 to find more.

Newborn Baby Photography

Claire is a Baby and Newborn Photography Specialist and the UK Ambassador for Stand-in-Baby.   Photography Sessions can be for baby’s up to the age of 3 weeks. However,  it is essential when booking to discuss with Claire your requirements for Premie babies as these can be taken outside the usual 3-week limit.   Bookings in advance are advisable around the due date as this is an area of photography that is in high demand.

Baby & Children's Portraiture

From their first smiles, their first birthday, toddler tantrums and funny faces, Claire photographs your children right up until their teenage years.   Baby’s should be of an age where they can sit unaided.   Claire brings to your session fully equipped with props for the photoshoot.  In addition and by arrangement,  ‘Picture Boutique’ stylised children’s clothing can be made  available for your session at no extra charge.   If you fall in love with any of our bespoke items of clothing or products,  they can be available for purchase.

For more information then please do not hesitate to talk to Claire about your photoshoot, props and clothing.

Photography Training

With two decades of experience within the genre of Newborn and Children’s Photography, Claire Elliott is one of the UK’s leading newborn photography specialists.

Claire is a very successful Photography Mentor with a big passion to raise the safety standards in all areas of Newborn and Baby Photography. Her Photography Training Business is one of the best within the United Kingdom, and she travels extensively throughout the UK and Europe to train others in the art.

As the Founder Trainer of the UK’s first Newborn Photography School with Newborn Baby Posing, Claire also works to promote the awareness and importance of Newborn Baby Photography Training.

Claire is a Master Craftsman in Newborn & Baby Photography with The Guild of Photographers and one of their Photographic Judges and Panel Members.

To find out more information about Claire’s Photography Training please follow the link to her training website.